I Cry...

Monday, January 24, 2005

Yes, obviously, I have a new layout. It's Twilight Drifter Version 2, "I Cry..."

So why I Cry...?

As most of my friends know me, I hardly cry. And some people, mostly those that hardly know me, branded me as ICE WOMAN just because they haven't seen me cry. Do I cry? As a matter of fact, I do. Everyone does. The only reason I cry is when I feel pain. Too much pain. Nevertheless, I do not.

Crying doesn't make you weak. Crying is just simply expressing yourself.

Of course, the credits. ^_^ Image was taken from the game, A3 (yes, from the official website itself) and the avatar template was from Bouncy Bubbles.Net.


  1. yeah.. we should not be afraid t ohow what we really feel. if we need to cry, then let it be..

    nice layout btw ^^

  2. Opiummmm's Foxes is sooo kawaii. As kawaii as yer new layout. ^_^

  3. Yup! I'm in love with Opiummmm's Foxes! ^^ And thanks!

  4. Waii!!! This layout is so pretty! And the image of the female crying is the same one I used in my blog layout! wOOt!

    Oh yeah, this is Saturn - if you didn't know. *big hug* Hehe, I'm gonna go add you to my friends. I don't use my livejournal very often, but it's ok.

    By the by, I was wondering - could you possibly relay the secret of livejournal designs to me? I've been wanting to make one for my journal, but I'm not sure how...*scratches head*


  5. Wav the wayout...::drools::


    And, yes, I agree that crying doesn't make you weak. Crying is actually courage. Crying is acceptance, although not crying doesn't imply cowardness.

    Gah. That was confusing. XD

  6. Hey Euri

    Hey itz me Precious ^^ Just wanted to see the new layout of your LJ. It pretty~.^;; Is the girl from Final Fantasy? Well g2g bai!

  7. Re: Hey Euri

    No, it's from a game called A3. ^^ It's a Chinese based game.

  8. OMG!! You have an LJ too! *hugs!* I had added you!

    About the layout, I just peeked that out from my friend's codes myself (with her permission of course :D). And sure, I'll tell you how I edited it. I'll just send that to your e-mail. ^^

  9. Ah! Najo! Missed ya! Still can't send the Golds to your Gaia... :(

  10. Missed you too!
    Been quite busy...ang magmi-midterms na. T_T

    Don't worry about the golds...haven't been playing. Hehe.



  11. I'll send that to you as soon as it would work. I have less things to do lately so I'm changing these and that. :D


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