The Story of a Young Girl

Friday, June 04, 2004

She was a child who was given the talent of art. She draws things all her life. Mostly, when she was young, she draws figures she idolizes, like anime. If not, collages of something beyond anyone's explanation. People may say she lives in her own world. If you actually lives with her in the same house, you would think she is a zombie or a dead child - but you know she isn't. She seldom sleeps at that young age. Her skin is pale and her hands are cold. She has a short hair about shoulder length. She seldom talks, only if you would asked her. She wasn't this silent when she was a year younger. She usually talks to almost everyone and plays with almost anyone too. She was always teased as worthless and weak by her school mates. And to her teachers, she is an intelligent child - because of her capability of knowing things beyond her age much like feeling things such as deep emotions. But, she care less of them. She reads fiction and non-fiction books that are unsuitable for an eight year old child. All this, started with an unnatural dream as she slept one night.

She was in a place she liked most. A palace made of crystals. A palace filled with people who dresses like one of those she draws. One, lead her to a tall glass made door and opened it as she knelt. The child entered. In the room she found different types of jewels. She was astonished. Some, she had seen before and some, she haven't. One jewel caught her eyes. A bright blue jewel with a ring around it. It was a crystal pendant she caught in her tiny hands. Her eyes were gleaming wanting to say, "Could I keep it?" But before she uttered a word the lady sitting beside her said, "You like it? Then, it is yours." With great joy the child hugged the lady clad in white. The lady reached her hands and the child handed the jewel to her. The jewel raised to the air shining in sparkles of light and the light engraved words to the crystal. The child was puzzled of those words but accepted it anyway as the lady says, "My child, I will raised you to be one the finest. You will wield this scepter." Handing a silver made scepter with the same blue jewel at the scepter's head.


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