Holy War

Monday, May 31, 2004

A while ago, I watched the news. There was this hotel at Saudi Arabia that was under terrorist attack. they said that 3 Filipinos died in that incident. And the terrorists were called "Jerusalem Brigade". Then this came into my mind. Isn't killing against Christian's God will as well as Muslim's Allah? Then why is there a thing called a "Holy War"? In my point of view, they shouldn't call it "Holy" if it's a war. A war only gives two results, dead people and people who wants revenge for their dead families. Why do they need to fight because of some beliefs? Why don't they just leave each other be of their beliefs and live their own life. A war is inhuman. It only brings tears, pain and more bloodshed. Kaya hindi na natapos yang "Holy War" na yan eh. Sino bang promotor niyan?


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