Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wyvern Dragon + Mirror Dragon

OMG! I got a Wyvern Dragon from Daily Bonus earlier! Because I failed to take a screenshot out of too much excitement, I just took one from the storage area:

I'm hatching it now at the hatchery. I'll take a screenshot of it when it hatches. X3


This is the first time I won a dragon egg from the Daily Bonus. In fact, I usually fail at the Daily Bonus that I I get mostly just 100 Gold.

Oh and I failed to mention this previously, but I managed to breed a Mirror Dragon:

I actually do not remember the combination I did to breed it. I actually lost that notebook where I list down details of my dragon breeding since we moved houses. This is why I thought I'd just post them here in my blog, so I wont lose it next time. XD

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