Domain Expired

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Yeah, yeah. Beyond Eternal expired today. I forgot to pay for the domain's re-registration. Uh, seriously. I'm paying it right now though. Sorry everyone!

Since I wont be able to crack a joke on you because my domain expired and all, here's the gift you're supposed to get after being joked upon by me. XD

As usual, click to take.

Happy April Fool's Day to everyone!


  1. Hey, hey, I'm being serious about it too. XD

  2. OMG! Sorry about my friends and I on my webcam last night...we were just being our stupid selves. (Now you know some of the real Ravencroft) ^^;;;

  3. whew~ that's a relief, i went to your other blog and was "where'd it go?" Oo;;

    i thought chuu almost died *cries*

    lol, April Fools!

  4. Err, hindi. I forgot to re-register it. XD

  5. Sorry about that. XD

    It'll probably be up sometime tomorrow of or the next day.

  6. whaaa!??! forgot to pay BE!?! ROFL

    hahaha u pwned... i didn't fool or get fooled that day...


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