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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Slowly she drags the mouse close as she browses the silver laptop laid in front of her. He glanced through his notes trying to remember them for the comming quiz. She asked him to close and lock the door. And he asked why. She didn't say a word but smiled.


She: Where's your Windows Media Player
Moi: There.
She: Thanks.
He: What's that?! Porn?!
She: Shh...!!
Moi: It's just hentai, for goodness sake.
She: Hehe!
Moi: You're watching that again? Aren't you tired of that same of series?
She: I have no other options, do I?
Moi: I'll put more when I'm not lazy to.
She: Okay.
He: Let's watch it.
Moi: She always does.
She: Lol!
Moi: *reviewing*
BGM: Ah... stop... ah... don't...
He: It's too loud.
Moi: *ignore. still reviewing*
He: What's that?! What's he doing?
Moi: Geez! Just watch! You don't watch porn?
Him: Nope.
Moi: O.O Yeah right! You're a guy!
He: Why do you have to ask?
Moi: -.-
She: Keep it down. We'll get caught.
Moi: *sigh*
She: *watches*
He: *watches*
BGM: Ah... ah... ah... ah...
*knock knock*
She: O.O Someone's outside!
He: Close it, fast!
Me: -.-
Someone: Uhm, sorry. I just need to get something...
He: Sure!
*Someone left*
She: *clicks play button*
BGM: Ah... ah... ah... ah...
Moi: *reviewing*
She: ...
He: ...
BGM: Ah... ah... ah... ah...
Moi: I'm leaving.
She: Wait, let me finish.
Moi: Okay.
*movie clip was done*
Moi *left the room*
Someone: How did the discussion go?
Moi: What discussion?
Someone: You know... about...
Moi: Oh.. Nothing much. All they did was watch Hentai.
Somebody: Those two... *smiles*
Someone: *laughs*
Moi: *sigh*
*dean approaches*
Dean: How did the seminar go?
Moi: I didn't join.
Dean: You're not an officer?
Moi: No. (Even if I am. Shh...)
Dean: Oh, okay. Where are those two.
Moi: At the office.
Dean: Okay, thanks.
*dean knocks the office door*



Haha! Imagine how messy things went up inside the office when dean knocked the door!! Nyahaha!!

Moral Lesson: NEVER watch porn/hentai movies/clips etc. inside school premises.


  1. Hahaha!! My friend did the same thing in school once. Everyone in the room left and pretended they didn't know him. They were all afraid to get caught XDDD~

  2. Lol! I did that a few times too! *Shh...*

  3. LOL!

    Hahahhaha. Thats too much oh my god! XD.

    Your friends are weird, Euri. Hahahah. I meant that in a good way too. LOL.

    *stops thinking, before any perverted thoughts run through my head*


  4. that's cool! I want to try that!!!

    *big grin*

  5. Then try it! *lol* It's fun! (only if you won't get caught)

  6. Moi: I'll put more when I'm not lazy to.

    Nyahaha. XD



  8. They are? We talk as if we're each other's concubines! *lmao*


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