Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Back At Gaia

So. I'm back at Gaia Online. And it's been years since I last logged in. I've actually been back for a few weeks now, so this is a super late post. But not really, I guess.

Oh, btw, I changed my name. I'm now called Beyond Eternal. I still keep my old name, Eurisama, though, as a mule.

I also changed my default look to this sweetie:
Cute, isn't she? I love the eyes, especially! 😍

When I came back, I noticed a lot of new things. But what surprised me the most was how the gold inflated – everything is sold in millions and billions now. 😱 Aside from that, there's also a lot of new items (of course) and achievements. There's a new Avatar Builder now too, because the old Tektek is gone. ☹️

But my current favorite is Lake Kinded. It's like a more boring version of Pokemon, but I love it anyway! ❤️️

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Feng Yu Jiu Tian Summaries

I've been trying to re-download the PDF of the Feng Yu Jiu Tian Summaries from xfengyujiutian.tumblr.com. But for some reason, the links aren't working due to some shit from tumblr. I was so frustrated about it and in the end, decided to just look for my old copies that I downloaded about more than a year ago.

After several hours of looking around my hard drive, luckily, I found my old copy of them so I thought I'd share the link of my copy just in case any one is looking for them.

I only have the summaries of volumes 5-1, which can be downloaded here. Volumes 1-4, however, I just read them online from sookybabi (LJ) and of course, xfengyujiutian.tumblr.com.

You're welcome. :)

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


So, my MBTI changed from an INTJ to an ISFJ. And I thought it was a really drastic change.

This was within the span of more than 10 years. I took my first MBTI test way back in college. And took another one recently, because I was job hunting and the exam was required at one of the companies I was trying to apply at.

I used to be a head strong type of person back in the day. Not so much an anarchist, but I love going to cons, gigs and such. Something like a rock star social climber kind of life.

However, now, I prefer the quiet and laid back atmosphere. I'd rather grab a book and be together with the couch for an entire day.

I also thought that I'm probably still attracted to people with strong personalities like those people I used to hang out with. However, I'd rather stick with people who are more of the "chill" type these days.

It's probably another sign of aging. 😅

Friday, May 26, 2017

What does your signature font say about you?

"Good manners matter" and "I often focus on what's wrong with me" are so spot on. 😂

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What Is Your Dominant Gender According To This Color Test?

You are 90% male, 10% female!

You are 90% male, 10% female!! According to this color quiz, your dominant gender is male! 

You're an analytical thinker, you like to get your hands dirty, perform physical labor and a cold beer at the end of the day. You sometimes thinks that the whole world rests on your shoulders, and that you have to take care of everything around you. A word of advice - turn to the other people in your life and seek help at times, it's just as rewarding.

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