Picasa Web Albums - Gone

Saturday, August 13, 2016

So. Picasa Web Albums is finally gone. The old link to the old web albums now redirects to Google Album Archive, which is totally shitty. You can't do anything in it aside from viewing, downloading, and deleting albums. The old 'Link to this photo' feature that I love so much is now forever lost.

The only option to upload anything from there now is upload them in Google Photos, on which, UI-wise I don't really find appealing. The images are way too big and I hated the idea of the albums behaving like tags (or labels in Gmail). I hated the idea of everything in one place and you just tag them something to be able to group them into something. An album is an album and I want it to behave like a normal album. Because it's more organized that way.

But in the end, I can only complain, and nothing will ever happen, anyway. (>_<#)


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