Ilvermorny House: Horned Serpent

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

So today, I got sorted to Horned Serpent house at Ilvermorny.

Ilvermorny is North America's version of Hogwarts.

As of now, there are not much details about the houses except:
  • Horned Serpent – a ‘great horned river serpent with a jewel set into its forehead’
  • Pukwudgie – ‘a short, grey-faced, large-eared creature’
  • Thunderbird – a creature that ‘can create storms as it flies’
  • Wampus – ‘a magical, panther-like creature that is fast, strong and almost impossible to kill’
And also, according to Pottermore:
Ilvermorny House: Horned Serpent

Named by Isolt Sayre after the great horned river serpent that has a jewel set into its forehead; Horned Serpent house is sometimes considered to represent the mind of a witch or wizard. It is also said that Horned Serpent favours scholars.
I'm looking forward to more! ♥


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