Thursday, March 05, 2015

As you may have known, March is my birth month. And since it'll be my birthday soon, I'll looking for something to give myself this year. (Yes, I buy myself gifts.)

Last year. I bought myself 3 pairs of shoes. So I was thinking that I might want to buy again this year.

Here are what caught my eyes. Starting with flats from ZALORA since ZALORA has a great range of sandals for women and that ZALORA is my current favorite online shop for clothes.

Kerry Flats from Twinky - PHP 2,998.00.

I'll be dry season soon and gladiator shoes should be rocking. I'm not particularly sure about the brand Twinky. I haven't bought shoes with this brand yet. But it looks comfortable to wear, at least based on the image above. Price is a bit steep, but pretty reasonable for the design, I think.

And Y- Strap Flats Sandals from Suki - PHP 1,299.00.

The last 3 shoes I bought (from my birthday last year) were all from Suki. I bought them in their boutique store in Marquee Mall (Angeles City), if I remember correctly. They're all of great quality. They're still in good condition after a year and there are no peels yet, so far. I hope they wont get any!

Then, I was also browsing though Lazada under the women shoes section and found a few shoes that I like:

Huxley Eloise Closed Heels Sandals (Beige) - PHP 949.00.

It's cheap! I was actually shocked about the price. I was expecting along the price range of 1,500-2,000. I think it's on sale. They're perfect for both work and formal events, too.

The LZD Gladiator Heel Sandals (Red) - PHP 1,095.00.

Because red shoes are sexy. And the design is also sexy. XD

And the LZD Laced-Up Heels (Black) - PHP 1,435.00.

Because a gothic shoes are mandatory for goth chicks. Especially when they're made of beautiful laces.

So, what do you think?


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