What Colour Is Your Personality?

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The colour of your personality is blue.

You are conservative, reliable, genuine, sincere, you take your responsibilities seriously, and you are trustworthy. People who are in need of advice are drawn towards your naturally calm nature. You tend to stay objective and do not personally get involved in any conflicts that your friends may have found themselves in. You say your piece, that is generally a fair statement to both sides and hope that the disagreement is solved. Drama is something you will go to great lengths to avoid.

Sometimes you can be portrayed as quite aloof, but you simply seek space to gather your thoughts and retreat to your mind. Remember, blue is often thought as the colour of intelligence. If you have a blue personality, you are more likely to utilize your mind, even if it means you day-dream more than others.  When you're quiet you are analyzing and thinking deeply about what is going on around you. You have a thirst for knowledge in order to gain wisdom and appear knowledgeable in whatever area interests you. You are not impulsive or spontaneous - you always think before you speak and act and do everything at your own pace in your own time and so, take time to process and share your feelings. However, some fail to  understand that you may just be reserved on the surface. When people gradually grow closer and push past your serious side, they often see a bubblier person. Popularity isn't generally important to you, you don't like to draw attention to yourself - you prefer to be in the background. However loyalty from your group is a must have. You are quite trusting of others although you are very wary in the beginning until you are sure of the other person. At the same time, you also have a deep need to be trusted.

To others you appear to be confident and self-controlled, but may be hiding your vulnerable side. You are generally fairly even-tempered, unless your emotions take over - then you can become either moody and over-emotional, or cool and indifferent. You are sensitive to the needs of others , especially with those close to you. When you want to be, you can be very sociable, but prefer the company of your own close group of friends. You like to stick to what is familiar to you and it is hard to sway you from your path - you stubbornly do things your way even if there may be a better way.

You can be prone to excessive worrying.


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