Fortuna Magus

Sunday, November 30, 2014

A tower once stood near the stars, invisible to mortal man.

Inside lived an immortal
who embraced the solitude.

One day, the goddess of fate led
a man to the immortal's door.

Recognizing the immortal's loneliness,
the kind man befriended him, and visited him often.

In time, the immortal's frozen
heart began to thaw.

But the man betrayed the immortal, wounding him deeply.

Steeped in sorrow, the immortal vanished along with the tower.

The tears he cried formed
a mighty river that now separates the two.

This is a story of sorrow.
A recollection of the end.

The man crossed the river
and once more appeared at the tower.

In the traces of the aftermath
the man recovered the scattered shards of his heart.

Graphics in this post is by Asterism-m.


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