Dear Takumi

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dear Takumi,

You're a bastard from hell for being a serial womanizer and you don't even feel remorse over that fact. You even admit it to your own wife that you're womanizing. I also think that you should stop entertaining Leila. She clings to you because because you give her the reason to hold on to her obsession of you. It gives her false hopes that's why she couldn't let you go. You know, being kind to someone, sometimes is even more cruel than just leaving her alone to sort her feelings out.

Despite these, I'm probably one of the few woman in the world, who could actually say that they still seriously likes you. Even though you're a womanizer, you never fail to be attentive of the people around you. You're calm, collected, mature and responsible among other things. I also think that your personality is really interesting. You just do things you wanna do without a care to the world no matter how random it is, you make sacrifices when necessary without even batting an eyelash, and you take care of people well enough for them to trust their entire lives on you. It's also a plus that you're handsome, sweet and classy. Simply put, you're my perfect type. Not to mention, I'm a sucker for long haired guys who plays bass or drums. But what I love you the most isn't that. What I love the most about you is your ability to accept people no matter what their short comings are and look at them in a more positive light. It's probably because you know for yourself that nobody's perfect and that everyone has it's good and bad sides. I wanted to be someone that lives by that same mindset in life.

And you know, I would probably immediately die if I end up seeing you opening that door for me and saying, "Okaeri, Euri-chan."

In love with you for 13 years,


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