Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Most of you probably know that I own the account bishounen at tumblr. I've had the account for years. I've been holding it for a few months and later thought that I should use it for a project I started that I named Bishounen Harem, where I post random pictures of good looking men from anime, manga, to real-life people such as celebrities of random handsome model image I found around the net.

Through the years I've had this domain, I've had several people messaging me asking me to give the name to them. I always thought that people should not leave their proper manners at home when they go out. Especially when that when you're asking someone, you just have to ask nicely. But apparently, there are more disrespectful and demanding kids than the are otherwise. I'm never picky nor I wanted them to beg for it. I just wanted a proper message or email with the words "please" and "thank you" in them at least, more than the words "give me this." I mean, I love this name and I've always thought that I would be very picky to whom I would give the name to, if I really did ended up giving it up for someone. And demanding me to give you the name just like that would never get you anywhere.

But then, one day, I got an email from someone who was asking the same thing. I've thought about it for a week, and decided to give out the name. And I suddenly thought that I should do it on my birthday instead so that it would be special.

A little while ago, I renamed Bishounen Harem and created a new blog with the name bishounen, and emailed Mako about it.

I left a short message for Mako as well:

I wonder what her reaction would be when she reads it. :3


Edit: I received a reply from her really fast. About less than 10 minutes, I think. She was ecstatic. And kept thanking me. It makes my heart filled with warm fuzzies~ ♥


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