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Thursday, November 07, 2013

I got tired of posting emoticons whenever I need them, so I thought of coding something to convert emoticons to images. Luckily, someone else thought of it earlier and I just took his code and changed the emotions to the ones I like.

At first, I used a set of old emoticons I was using in Beyond Eternal back in the day (ugh, 2004?). I got it from a freeware CD, and used it as a pattern and drew some additional emoticons to my liking. I'm actually surprised that I managed to kept a copy of it online, somewhere. I found it when I was digging up old stuff months ago from my cloud storage hoping to recover some files when I lost my laptop.

Then I thought I would also add emoji like those from Emoji Cheat Sheet, and then I suddenly thought that Facebook has an emoji set and they look cute. So I opted to use those instead. I hope I don't get sued for using them though. (^_^;)

Let's try this!

FB Chat:  :) :( :O :D :P ;) :3 :* >:( 8) 8| >:O O_o (^^^) :v (-_-) O:) 3:) :-/ :'( :|] <(") :42: (y) :putnam: :poop:

FB Emoji:  :") :biggrin: :scream: :# X_X :S :inlove: :lips: :') :music: :zzz: :veinpop: (-_-;) :skull: :coffee: :computer: :brokenheart:

Removed it. It fucks my blog up.


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