Insomnia Fits

Monday, October 28, 2013

You know, when you haven't slept or rested well enough for days, you feel like your soul is drifting away from your body. I've been feeling like that recently. I call it "my usual 'long' insomnia fits."

I've been able to sleep regularly for a few months now, until these past 2 weeks where I haven't been able to sleep properly or at all. Take for example last night (or, rather, the other night), I went to bed really early and I spent the entire time until morning just lying there, closed eyes, thinking of nothing at all, and occasionally rolling around the bed to make myself sleep, but apparently, I couldn't.

I've been having this problem since I was a kid so I'm kinda used to this thing. And hot milk before bed doesn't help, either. It doesn't really affect me all that much now even when I couldn't really sleep for weeks. As long as I lie down the bed to rest my "body." I feel like a random lost soul borrowing the body of an unknown person I just came across one day.

I take medications, yes. But not often. I try to take less as possible because it would be really hard when I get immune to them, like how I have a high dosage with pain relievers and antihistamines when I was younger. They seem to work well with me now, since I try to take them less. I also do other things like aroma therapy and such but most of the time they don't work.


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