Thursday, September 27, 2007

Will someone tell me why a god wouldn’t do something as simple as that to prevent the existence of infidels and thus human barbecues in hell? I mean, dude.
- Martin's post Dear God.

You see, God is a great marketing strategist. Of course, because He is God. Since he created everything your eyes could see, everything your nose can smell, everything your ears could hear, everything your skin could feel and everything your hands would touch. To make it short, damn everything! And because he is such an omni-everything, thinking of a good marketing plan is as easy as kicking a lifeless stone lying around your path. And so he thought of a good plan to promote himself and he gave us this thing called "freedom." (I would like to emphasize the word "FREE.") This "freedom" gives us the ability to choose. We can choose weather to believe in Him or not. (I would like to point out that not believing doesn't mean denying.) But of course, like any other product promotion, it has a catch. Of course, there is no such thing as giving without getting something in return. The mere idea of it is just plain stupid. Anyway, here's the catch: if you choose to believe in him, you would be entitled with a free ticket to heaven. But of course, this ticket still depends on how you lived your life on Earth. If you broke the promo mechanics a.k.a. the Ten Commandments, that ticket wont be awarded to you. And of course, if you did not believe in him, there's no ticket for you. Nyeh. Therefore, you'll die suffering in the fires of hell for all eternity. Very easy to follow conditions, no? Even if you're not educated, you would still be able to understand. But then since I am a person with a limited logical capability, a.k.a. a retard, all those would mean the same thing to me as "Love me/believe in me or suffer forever in the fires of hell."

Oh and since we're talking about hell, Satan is promoting his new and improved oven that would fit about 500 trillion people inside. He said, he was expecting a lot in his door by the time the world ends so he'll have the need for a few thousands more of such ovens so the other ovens are still under construction.

If you want a demonstration, just follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Get a knife. The sharper, the better.

  2. Stab yourself. Anywhere is fine just make sure you die, okay? Half dead and under a vegetable state in a hospital doesn't count. If in case your hands start to shiver, even before you stab yourself, better give it up because you're a wuss. You can try again later, however.

  3. Wait until the end of the world comes. I'm pretty sure, someone will pick you up or better yet, you'll fall?


  1. Will someone tell me why a god wouldn’t do something as simple as that to prevent the existence of infidels and thus human barbecues in hell? I mean, dude.


    That is the answer.

    Try googling "answer to life the universe and everything" (thanks to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy lol).

    Anyway, even though your argument on freewill seems to just go round and round in circles (have you been drinking? wtflol), I feel you. But!!! About the demo thing? Go ahead! You do it first. Then tell me how it goes ok! Babai. ;-)

  2. The answer to life, the universe and everything IS actually 42

    Our galaxy weighs three times 10 to the power of 42kg - a number written as 3 followed by 42 zeroes, which has echoes of author Douglas Adams's fictional answer to the question of life, the universe and everything in his series Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

    That's according to Mr. Google who directed me to Mr. Digg. (The exact source here)

    Heh. Who would be pathetic enough to try that, anyway? Killing yourself means giving up. And giving up are for pathetic wimps who does nothing but whine about their forsaken lives. It's as if they're the only ones who bleed and feel pain. Well, I guess it's their selfishness.

  3. Things regarding the Metaphysical Being is what my me and my friends call the Never-ending Argument.

    Well I guess it's all about faith. A person who belongs to a religion must have that. Religion is all about faith. If a religion is trying to find concrete proofs and base everything from the ancient scrolls of the Holy Bible, where's faith in that? They should not call themselves real believers of God. :neutral:

  4. Well actually those who do believe in God is not an automatic ticket to heaven... there are some people who claim that they believe God but their actions do not speak of it.

    I was reading the book of Revelation since 2 days ago because I want to remind myself that if I won't leave all my bad ways behind, I will go to hell. For me it works because I do not want go to hell. Of course, added to the fact that I have been believing God since I was a child, and this was my personal choice. If not for my faith in God, I might have been dead long time ago because I had high suicidal tendencies especially when I was a lot younger. I mean, what's the use of enduring some hardships and pains here in this futile world if I will go to hell right? So it has been a good motivation for me (among other things of course).

    When I read the book of Revelation, there is this verse that lists all the "bad things" that you have to leave behind.

    Maybe the closest analogy i can think of is with our parents. God is our Father so he is our heavenly parent. But even with our earthly parents, they give us freedom what to do, but of course there are some principles and morals where your freedom is limited to. But we can always choose if we will or will not follow the guidance of our parents. If we follow it, we have rewards from them, if not, we will get the corresponding punishment - depending on how grave is your offense.

    For me, as God is loving just like our parents, He is also just and it is unfair for Him to not to reward His faithful people who chose to stick with Him through thick and thin...

    Marami pa akong gustong sabihin kaso ang haba na ng comment ko .. hehehe...

    God bless Euri :)

  5. Hi Arlo,

    Hmmm.. I didn't quite understand your comment :( and as to why you concluded that "They should not call themselves real believers of God. " heheheheh ...

  6. Ah.. The world's a contradiction. Everything has two sides. I think the best resort would be to believe in what you think is right. Killing yourself is plainly a mess.

  7. Nice one Euri. But you forgot to mention that in order to go to heaven (is not about following the 10 Commandments). Those are just laws. But in order for you to go to heaven is to accept what Jesus did on the cross 2000 years ago. God gave Jesus for us to be saved. 1 John 1:9 said, "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness."

    If you recall the man beside Jesus (in the calvary) He was a murderer, a theif... he broke many laws of the 10 commandments. But when He ask Jesus to "remember Him..." And Jesus replied (very fast) "Today you shall be with me in Paradise.

    Peace. Life is a gift. We shouldn't waste it with these stuff. Have a good life even though you think the world is already messed up ^^

  8. Jesus? I did not forget to mention Jesus. I intended not to mention him because Jesus is nothing more to me than a mere instrument by God. A short-lived puppet He used and threw out after it's purpose is served.

    If Jesus is God himself, for me, it means the same thing as him killing himself to touch people's hearts by saying he sacrificed himself for the people's salvation and resurrected himself afterwards.

    Even if Jesus is not God himself, rather, the son of God, it doesn't make any difference because he killed his own son to gain people's faith and masked it off as a forgiveness of people's sin.

    Regardless of which it is, I do think that the very idea of it turned out fruitful. With the setting of a bloody stage with evil tyrants bullying a helpless man who is too weak to even stand on his own, carrying a heavy cross on his back, and being whipped endlessly is definitely very touching and would drive quite a lot of people to swoon over to the faith.

    Of course, this is only in my opinion. Considering that my point of view is not something that the mass would agree upon and the way I think could be considered "not normal" and too warped.

  9. Hi Arlo,

    Hmmm.. I didn't quite understand your comment :( and as to why you concluded that "They should not call themselves real believers of God. " heheheheh ...

    Who I'm pointing to as the ones who shouldn't call themselves real believers of God are some of the religions who base every human act on the Bible. Like for example, eating blood or singing the National Anthem or blood transfusions or marrying someone with a different religion. Why wouldn't God save you if you do those stuff? I mean like for example, Atheists. Atheists do not believe in God. Does that conclude that Atheists are evil? They just don't get the logic.

    Well, I respect other religions. I am a Catholic but I am not a devout Catholic. It's because I think some of the Catholic dogmas don't make sense like what I think of some beliefs of other religions.

  10. this is the same with the post i made in the other blog:

    errr… you’re an atheist, I have no problem with that, I will let you be. Why mock our God? Let us be. let us be tolerant of each other’s belief. As believers, we don’t need further proof, for us we have seen and felt it. Just let us be the fools you think we are.

    Peace :)

  11. You should be happy that God loves you so much that He gave Jesus to die on the cross for you. But sadly... some people are like judas who wanted to pay their price using themselves.

    You telling me that Jesus isn't God? I thought you were reading the Bible? :P

  12. Bobby,
    It is not mocking. I'm simply stating my opinion. I personally think that is different from mocking, although at another's point of view, I may be wrong. I did state somewhere that, that is how I think and that, the way I think is usually different from the rest.

    I actually didn't have the intention to mock God, since there is no point in doing so. I mean, why the heck would I waste time mocking someone/something on which existence I doubt. You get me right?

    If ever you and/or someone got offended by how I think, I won't dare say that "I can't do anything about it." Of course, I can always do something. But then again, the person's already wounded and I am not the type to pour salt into the wound.

    Oh and how we missed you here. :D

    Why is it that you always give me an impression of either:

    1. You really don't read post and/or replies and just reply at the first sight of a phrase you wanted to comment on;

    2. You always get agitated by my heretic way of sharing my opinions over the net so you don't even bother reading the rest of it and just comment away whatever that comes to mind;

    3. There is definitely something wrong with the way how I construct my sentences that leads you to always misinterpreting whatever I wrote;

    4. There's something wrong with your reading comprehension.

    Again, I did not state that Jesus is not a god. I said:

    If Jesus is God himself,


    Even if Jesus is not God himself,

    That being that God (as in God, the big "G-O-D", Yahweh, the god of Abraham, the god of Moses, the "I am God and you shall not have other gods besides me" - that God) and Jesus (the son of god) might be one and the same person, in two different bodies/entities/personalities/whatever it is.

    While at it, I would like to take this chance to emphasize the greatness of the word IF.

    On another thought, this made me think, does the Bible say that Jesus was a god? I am not sure, since I think it was mentioned that he was "the son of God", but not exactly a god. Also, according to the 10 commandments, God stated that he is the one and only god and we shall not have other gods beside him. If we would consider Jesus as a god, him being His son and all, wouldn't we be punished for not following the #1 rule (a.k.a the first of the 10 commandments)?

  13. ei Euri, no worries, no offense taken. you know me, it'll take more than that :)

    i posted that only because i don't see myself posting anything or posting my opinion on atheists. that is why i can truly say that I am letting you guys be. i am not saying anything, even my own opinions about what you believe or not believe for that matter. now, having posted your opinions on this matter, can you really say that you guys are letting us be? i think not, because you guys haven't been tolerant enough to hold what you have to say.

    Miss you guys!! i hope the transition goes well Euri :D

  14. A philo prof gave 1 question for the final exam. The class was seated when the prof touched his chair and asked:

    "Use everything we've learned this sem, prove that this chair does not exist."

    The whole class answered for an hour but the laziest student finished the test in less than a minute. 1 week later, the grades were posted in the class and the lazy student got the highest score. His answer consisted of just 2 words.

    "What chair?"


    "What God?"


    You see, those that repeatedly express their belief(s) of believing or not believing if God(s) exist(s) are actually acknowledging their existence (God[s]) making it undeniable. Well, if we follow the principles of logic anyway.

  15. Well, Euri, to be frank with you, I understand you, if not wholly. I've been an atheist myself, but I want to promote God to you.

    I won't bombard you with doctrine, because that's not what you want. But God changed my life, and I pray that you will let Him change yours too.

    Why don't you think on what you have become. Do you like your life without God? We can plainly see that frustration and sadness leaks from your writings. But if you want to meet the Father again, like in the parable of the prodigal son, then I encourage you to take the steps towards Him.

    God loves you, and I love you too. I am in the middle of doing a school project when I saw this thread, and I empathize because you were what I am. I love you, because He taught me to love you.

    Please don't forget that.

  16. Ooops, I meant that I was what you are now. Sorry

  17. Hi Ky,

    It's not liking or disliking what I am and my life without God. It's more of my truth, the truth I arrived at, and my beliefs, the philosophy which molded me to who I am before and who I am now.

  18. um,hi? I just passed by and i'm not even sure if you would ever give a damn about this comment, hehehe, i just want to say that being an atheist is a very brave thing to be. i mean, you have to go against the IT, and against all the world's prejudice, so, that's cool. but i'm not an atheist.
    making God some kind of sales man really is funny, you know, is the metaphor original? 'cause if it is, its pretty good and entertaining. what only disturbs me is, the reason you don't believe in god is because you couldn't accept him to be that harsh? i mean, you don't believe in god because if there is, he wouldn't be that salesman type who offer free wil for a price, rather someone who is the bringer of utopia to all, for free? so maybe, just maybe, u don't believe in God because you are afraid of hell? you don't accept his existence because if you do, that would mean more responsibility, more things to do, more restrictions? so maybe, just maybe, you don't believe in God not because you really believe that he doesn't exist, but because it is more comfortable to deny his existence? so does that mean that you don't believe in god because it makes life difficult and not because he is just another one of man's wild imagination? so that means you are not an atheist, but merely a human being searching for happiness and peace, something that religion does not give you because of its continous calls for saintly living? so does that mean it is not god's existence you deny but merely religion and its influences?
    well, just asking you know... sorry, sabog sabog yung ideas, i just thought of it... and for what its worth, you really write good...or should i say you write like hell...joke! hehehe
    happy new year!

  19. Let's see...

    I do not believe in God, because for me, a super almighty, omni-everything "being" somewhere out there does not exist. There is neither heaven or hell for me. I am an atheist, after all. If I believe in a god, whether it is that I just hate him or whatever, it does not make me atheist simply because I am just in denial.

    I do not know about your beliefs, but for my truth, I don't think that God created man, rather, it is that men created God in their own image and likeness - to have someone to believe in to, to have someone to comfort you when all else left you, you have someone to listen to when you cry, to have someone to thank for when something good happened. Basically, it's to have someone somewhere that would always be there no matter what.

    People are naturally social. If they can't talk to anyone, they would create their own imaginary friend - just like a child who can't play with anyone eventually makes his own best friend.

    This is how I think, I am not forcing you to believe me. Frankly, I do not even care if you do. Sometimes, I do not even understand myself, so I am not expecting you to understand me likewise.


  20. cool, you actually took time to reply on my comment, hahaha, even though it is a roller coaster ride, hahaha.

    anyway, i cannot really say i understand you, because that means me putting myself in your persona and actually thinking the way you do which i admit is way out of my league(shit, hindi ko nga alam kung tama spelling ko, hahaha), but i think i could "relate", the better term eh? just as they say, i would answer your comment assuming the writer's dead
    yah, its true, the stuff about people being social and stuff, their innate longing for companionship or love, and when everything fails, just as it always does, when everything goes back to entropy, they tend to cling into something indestructible, an idea, which in this case is God, and this tendency to cling into that certain idea is then termed as faith. but are we not defined by our impulses? isn't our impulses mere children of our own nature? well, if it is, does it mean then that it is our nature to search for this certain "idea of happiness" because its tangible counterpart that the world offers is just so fickle? so if ever God didn't exist, then our nature would then be only following nothingness? i mean, that's really, really sad. then everything is just a pointless journey, well, this were the atheist really stick it out. people like you are just so brave to admit death followed by oblivion. i meant it in the best way possible eh? wala lang, i think i'm not that brave. hehehe.
    and in the previous comments you talked about philo and stuff, ever read aquinas's works? imean, of course it doesn't prove god is good all the time but it certainly could insert possibilities of a maker. well, this is way too long and boring...hahaha,ciao!

  21. Of course, if I have something to say, I will comment. I may not look like it but I try to read and comprehend whatever it is that is given to me (comments, e-mails, messages, etc.).

    St. Thomas Aquinas is the patron saint of my class when I was in high school. :) Talking about your personal beliefs, opinions on a matter is also termed as personal philosophy at some point.


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