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Sunday, May 20, 2007

There was an announcement at The Workforce boards for openings on Kawaii Heavens Staff. And quoting Se-chan:

We're in need of the following people:

Forum Moderators
- A frequent member of the forum
- Is sensible on posts, and responsible with it, especially when it concerns other members or those of higher authority
- Has not violated any major rule yet
- Willing to check forums on a near daily basis.

Please check with an admin which forums are available for moderation.

IRC Servers
- Frequents IRC
- Knows XDCC, TDCC, among others
- Is always online at a near daily basis

Please try to contact Kiatsu about this.

- Knows how to use photoshop, or any other advanced image editing program
- Willing to be trained
- Flexible to work on various important projects

Interested parties can try to get me (Se-chan) so I can check who's who.

If interested, please post at this thread with your requirements. Requirements can be found at the first post of the same thread.

PS: If applying for a forum moderator position, it is best to ask me since I am in charge of the forums. You can contact me by PM or hunt me at the IRC by #kawaii-heavens@Rizon.net. I'm usually there from 8pm to 10pm (GMT +8) everyday.

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