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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

MARS has a TV series adaption. I just found that out today. I happen to stumble upon this site by mistake and saw it. It's in Mandarin. Well I guess, since it's Taiwan based. I wanna watch this. I wanted the DVD copies. Maybe I'll go to my dad's favorite store sometime to look for it. I really love MARS! It's one of my favorite shoujo manga. I love the twist of the story. Much more with Rei and Sei's story. It's intriguingly dark. BUT, why is it that the main stars have to be Vic Chou and Barbie Xu (both from Meteor Garden)? In my opinion (hey, don't kill me, it's only my opinion), they really don't look good together.

Well, heck. I still want it though.

PS: I'm looking of the manga title Lavender (TV series) was based on. Anyone know of it?


  1. I've watched the drama adaptation. I've a bias against Taiwanese drama so I'd say the manga's better. x3 It didn't give me the same heart-wrenching impact as the manga did, but I suppose it was pretty OK. =)

  2. Oh yeah, Barbie Xu and Vic Zhou. I'm surprised I still know them. Haha. :)

  3. That goes the same with Meteor Garden, I guess. I don't have doubts with Barbie Xu's ability to act. But in Vic Chou's case, I honestly don't think Rei's role suite him well. XP


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