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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Last night, I saw a ParaKiss anime. I honestly didn't know ParaKiss even has an anime. Since it's one of my favorite manga, I bought it without thinking twice. I watched it. And I would like to announce to everyone, do not freaking buy it. The story line's pretty much the same with the manga and there were a lot of cuts. It's has only 12 episodes too. Hiro's not that handsome (he looks 10x hotter in the manga), Arashi looked like shit, the chibi characters that's supposed to be the comedy part of it are not funny at all. George, however, has the most sexy voice. I think that's the only good thing about it. It's so lame, really. It's such a waste of money. Give me back my money!

Oh and my crappy blog haven't propagated the entire Net for 4 days? O_o That freaking outrageous. Sometimes I see my blog, and sometimes I don't. just this morning I saw it running fine. Now it's not. Geez! >.<


  1. Hey you :) Kamusta?

    Never heard of "ParaKiss", I must admit. Pity that the real one's not as good as the manga.

    Take care :)

  2. Where are you hosted, Euri? x_x Seems to me your host has a lot of problems. Let me know if you need a space to stay for a while, I have a lot of webspace left.

  3. My batchmate's addicted to Paradise Kiss anime though. Idk, she probably don't read the manga.

    I hope everything will be fine @ BE. *hugs*

  4. The anime really sucks. I bet when she reads the manga, she'll throw the anime out. XP


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