BE Suspended Again

Sunday, March 11, 2007

My site is being suspended again. *sigh* And I don't know why again this time. Stupid data center.

Also, please do not text or call me for at least 2 days. My bag was stolen and in it are all of my things, including wallet, cellphone, perfume, etc. (Read this for more info.) I was at total lost, I didn't know what to do. I didn't even have a cent to go home. All my money was there. Good thing my best friend was there with me and she sent me home.

Thank you Lanie for this, I owe you one.


  1. Re: -___-

    Hindi naman. Sabi ni Ate Ems, nag down ang buong server niya. :'(

  2. how horrible! BE seems to be ok now :] i read some of the comments there &someone mentioned tracking your cellphone. I hope you get all your belongings returned! .___.

  3. gawd, that sucks. how did that happen? if i were in your place, i woul dhave broke down. tsk. i hope you recover from that loss soon!

  4. Tsk tsk. Buti nalang kasama mo bestfriend mo. Ako rin nawalan ng pera nung birthday ko. Pambili ko sana yun ng domain e. Sayang. Mauudlot tuloy.

  5. Re: -___-

    eh? bakit yung sa akin hindi @.@

  6. On and off and site mo ah. I was there before I left for school and I was able to comment tapos di nanaman ako makaconnect

  7. You should really ask about it -___-;; if they don't tell just move it's not worth the headache everytime they suspend you. Sorry to hear about the bad luck you've been having. Hope it'll be better for you soon ^^

  8. Re: -___-

    Kasi, hnd tayo pareho ng server. Nasa Mushyness ako. Nasa hosting4lifesite ka ata eh.

    Marami siyang server diba? May pa nga eh.

  9. I block out for a while due to shock. It's because I was sick.

  10. Oo nga eh. Hindi pa kasi, fully propagated sa net so...


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