Mr. Professor

Friday, January 26, 2007

"Come here."


"This is Mr. [insert name here]. He's a professor at [I forgot the school's name]."


And the conversations that seemed endless started and ended after a few hours...

"Do you know, Mr. [insert name here] - the professor, he has young celebrities, children of celebrities, rich people and politicians as students."

"I see..."

"Hey, why are you like that?"


"Don't 'huh' me. I'm saying, why are you always like that? Don't you even care about a thing I say? I said, he's a professor at some prestigious school with big time people as his students."

"Yes, I know, I heard you."

"Then why are you like that?"

"One, I do not even know the guy to begin with. Two, I don't give a damn about other people's lives. Three, who the fuck cares if he's a professor? Four, celebrities aren't of my best interest, either. Five, I don't buy that fact that he's a professor at some prestigious school like you said. Where did you get that info anyway?"

"He told that to us. Are you saying that I lie about that?"

"No. Frankly, even if you lie about that, I would also not give a damn. Simply because he doesn't interest me."

"At least respect the person by showing some interest."

"Are you asking me to be a hypocrite? If so, sorry to disappoint you. Okay, I will show you some of my interest in him. Your friend, the professor, is a professor at some prestigious school, correct?"


"What school was that again? I can't remember the name. Also, I don't even know that such a school exists. Therefore, that school is a low grade, no name, cheap school. I'm already giving him the benefit of a doubt that he didn't just invented some school of his own. If the school is as prestigious as you said, no HR, who's in his right mind, would be hiring him as a professor. He speaks English, yes, I can hear. But his pronunciation of words are not correct. Library is not pronounced as 'liblary'. And also, he misses the simplest things like subject verb agreement. No professor at a prestigious school would be using such elementary-level English. I was a student at some school named AMA who is not so prestigious. But, my teachers could speak better English than him and my friends would just laugh at him."

What I hated most are people who claim they are some high and mighty king where in fact, they're clad only with pieces of rags for clothes.


  1. I always hate it when people see a celebrity and they're all OMG, it's JUDY ANN SANTOS!! Shit, wtf. Big deal. *rolls eyes*

    Liblary. Omg. My THE teacher pronounce scotch tape as scrotch tape. It sure hell sounds like crotch tape or something. XDDD

  2. AW~ I also hate those kind of peepz.
    so irritating. Argh~

    XD weird teacher, liblary?... wahihi.

  3. Ngewngk. Kung dito sa Baguio yan... no care. Haha. I don't even make a big deal that Davey was my classmate in elementary.

    ..or it's just that that dude is a show off but has nothing to show off. Hehehe

  4. Si Agatha Tapan (child actress, Ang TV & Princess Sarah? O.o daw...) nga, naging schoolmate namin, parang wala lang eh. Lagi lang siyang late sa school kung di kaya, absent. That's it.

  5. Oh my... HaHa.
    Glad I wasn't there.
    What a scene.

    big time people?

    so the keywords are professor, prestigious and big time people... then there's LIBLARY.
    It doesn't add up. LMAO.

    (I love that L avvie!!!!)

  6. ahahaha!

    liblary - kapampangan siguro siya. ehehehe..


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