Tuesday, January 09, 2007

"You don't know how cute you look when you talk like that. But, don't talk to me as if I'm not human. I have color too. Even if it's not as brilliant as yours my eyes are disgustingly blue."

Blue? Liar. You're eyes are just hazel grey. One that's muddy and has lost most of it's light.

"If you talk like that again, I'll bite your tongue."

"Do you love me?"

"What? Do you suddenly want to be Juliet or something?"

"I just ask if you love me..."

"Love? You're crazy. How do you believe that anything like that exists in this god-forsaken world? Tell the dogs to eat that shit."

"You're so... Scornful..."

"You're too emotional. Just live like it is. When you're hungry, eat. When you're pissed, drink beer. When you're lonely, have sex. It's that simple."

Oh my fucking shit! I just love those lines! Not to mention, Aaron's freaking beautiful. Too bad he's d-e-a-d. Aaron's the guy on top of the other guy with less sex appeal. The title of that Korean manhwa is Blood - a one-shot from the Park Hee Jung's Collection of Short Stories and do I have to say who the author is? Those are yaoi scenes, yes, and it's also a gruesomely beautiful story. The gree-haired guy killed Aaron because he love him so much that he also hated him so. He wanted him to also have a "color". And he did gave him a color after that *bang* sound - bright red. Blood. Btw, read the rest of it. They're great. ^_^

WTF? You're back to reading yaoi again? Yeah, sorry. Yuri mangas are not as popular as the yaoi mangas so finding an H-less yuri is rather hard. I just wanted to recomended that manga. It's not at all all-yaoi, you know. The mangas is mostly about a person's depression. Death is a beautiful topic, if you would just learn to appreciate it.


  1. i love the pic... kaw gumawa nyan.... i wish i could do some layout sa livejournal ko... hehe... man to man story ba yan? cool...

  2. Wow, where can I read the story? I am not much into Korean manwha but I am really interested to know more. I agree that if we accept the fact that we are all going to die the we can live life more fully. thanks...

  3. You can get that here:

  4. Oh, cool!!! XD I wanna read the manwah~! XD hehe.. I'm into Spell right now. Yeah, another yaoi manga.. which is still on its third chapter. Rawr..

    And those lines.. those lines are just.... so true. X3 (I think.)

  5. SHIIIIITZ. *nosebleed*


    OMG, I didn't know you are a yaoi fan until you posted in my X/1999 entry!! *OOO* I could share some of the yaoi mangas I love. I don't know but I feel like the description of yaoi as 'just sex between two guys with no particular plot/story' is not fitting as there are many yaoi mangas that DO have a plot. -__-

  6. uhm. i already read it. manhwa's are weird. XD but koreans can draw pretty characters too. :)


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