Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hey, you! Yes, the one who says Gackt's a gay. I'll kill you someday. What's your basis in saying he's gay, huh? Just because he's too pretty for a guy, unlike you, you can fucking say what isn't true. He's a god, for your information. Not like the one you worship.
I'm loving Aruki for this statement! Ha! *jumps on Aruki and hugs her tight* Actually, Gackt has a face that looks a lot better that any ordinary females out there such a myself. As my friend Cole once said, "Don't you just hate it when guys looks a lot more beautiful than you are." Aside from this, he also has a god damn one of a hunk body that would make you drool even when you are a male for that fact (or am I exaggerating?). In fact, he had a wife (or so I had read he had) and he also once said on some long forgotten interview that he is open with regards to his sexuality on which in my narrowest of mind means he could be bisexual at some point that I wanted him to be one at the same time I wanted to touch his face. :P

PS: There are times when I find Hyde looking better than Gackt or he just look a lot more feminine?


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