If You Only Knew...

Friday, July 22, 2005

If you only knew how hard it is to live and drive yourself to go on with your life without any known purpose of why you should. But even so, living without a purpose is better than merely living for a narcistic and unlawful deity, whom you credit all the great things you've done where in fact, you were the one who did it in the first place and He just watched; and damn the ever so evil antagonist deity that He, Himself created and casted out from Heaven to make him look more like a protagonist in the battle of "good and evil" where good always wins.

If you only knew how hard Atheist strives to live equally in a country where everyone thinks of them as people who "doesn't think", "heartless", "demons", "manifestations of evil", "Satan-possessed" and so the list goes on...; and the pain of everyone you love leaving you only for the petty reason that they think you are "Satan-Manifested" just for not believing, haunts you each night.

If you only knew how hard it is to keep unbelieving when everything seems to turn away from you because of it.

If you only knew the great pain, you might have not survived.

Atheism is not a trend. Do not claim you are an Atheist when you do not even know what it is. Don't you even dare think, that when you are an Atheist, you are already considered as "cool." What kind of childish reasoning is that?

If you want to know what it is, then sorry. I am not the right person to do massive explaining. Aside from the fact that Patience is not my virtue, I am incapable as well. And just so because I am kind enough to help, I will recommend my dear friend Atheist-Seeker. Read his blog. You might find what you're looking for there. :)


  1. I love your post! Straight from the horse's mouth, the greatest angry theist in the Philippines!

    To be an atheist in a god-soaked society is indeed a tough life to live. That's why we we should strive hard to end this intolerance by spreading correct information about atheism. My blog serves that one purpose.

    And thanks for recommending me for further information about atheism.

  2. oh jesus save thee sole from the depths of the hither firey after. let beezalbob not see thisn here quar for he dernt no wat the GD hell hes talkin bout.

  3. fer the athiest

    You shall burn in the firey depths of the hither after, your eyeballs shall be skewered by beezabulbs percing staff. and yer endtrails shall be pulled from yuoreth anuse and submeged in the river of the dammed. were they will be cooked and shuved rite back up yer butt for the hitherever.


  4. Just wondering where you live mate?
    I live in Australia and a good 90% of my friends are atheists and no one turns away from them. mind you I still believe in god. I just don't think he gives a damn anymore. rather interesting reading your blog thingeys.
    cheers mate, have fun

  5. I live in the Philippines, some third-world country run by preposterously obvious dirty politicians and thick-faced people who literally wont do anything unless you slap them with money in their faces. It's an extremely God-fearing country to such point that powerful people even use God's name to brainwash the weaker ones to their selfishness. And because it's God, faith continues to blind them and no matter how much you yell the truth to them, they can't hear it. And the worst part there is that you'll end up the evil one for defying God.


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