The Angry Theist

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I've been an atheist for a year now. Wow. In commemoration of my first year in atheism, I've started a blog called, "The Angry Theist: Love me of suffer through eternity in the fires of hell."

Of course, I've added a warning/disclaimer:

Words of Caution:
This blog is owned by an atheist who doesn't have the heart for everyone, much more to the close minded. If you don’t like what you read, your best option is to leave. Please, spare her and save yourself from wasting pointless efforts in flaming and telling her that she damn well deserve to go to hell more than anyone. Read at your own discretion.

So why "The Angry Theist"?

It all started as a mere joke with my friends Ran-kun and Dexter that I should call myself an "A(ngry)theist" because I was often told that I'm only an atheist because for one reason or the other, I ended up hating God -- weather I had some cruel/bad experiences in life, or that my prayers/wishes were ignore/not granted. But despite that, I'm not actually mad at God. How could I possibly be angry at someone who I think doesn't exist? Wouldn't that be preposterous sounding?

With this blog with an offensive sounding name, I intend to blog about my opinions as an atheist, especially in this close-minded, Christianity infested, corrupted country where religion holds the neck of everyone even the government.

And with this, I'm also starting a Filipino Atheists Blogroll as link love for the endangered few Filipino freethinkers out there. You may leave me a message if you have a website or blog and wanted to be linked.


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