Onii-san = EVIL!!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Onee-chan () is evil, I say. EVIL!! It's some yaoi issue with my Honey. Never mind me. Anyway, been sufing the net and found this link. Honestly, it's the most damn whole shit I've ever seen in my entire online life. Geez! I care not if the she's some popular bitch in the Net or even on TV or whatever. I do not know her. I care less to know. The point is, she should've been more creative on her blog. I don't care if she wants to make herself more beautiful in front of her fans but not to the entent of insulting other people and pointing out their defects or weaknesses just to make her look above them. Hypocrites are the greatest disgrace in the blogging world.


  1. Though I like how his intelligent mind works, I hate him most when the issue gets on my bf with a mix of yaoi! Geez! You might find him "hot" if you see him. Since we're kinda close, I don't. Lol!

  2. Hm... Wala kasi akong picture eh... *damn!*

  3. Sino yung babaeng yun? Fans? Artista s'ya sa Singapore? XD

    She's crap!

  4. OH MY GOD. She even has her face as a LAYOUT.



  5. Aba ewan ko. Pakealam ko. All I know is she's bad! All I know is she's popular. May TV interview link sa blog niya so I assumed she's some sort of a celeb. Lol!

  6. Wala ka pakealam? But had the time to put her on your entry? lol

    Well I guess she's a bit over confident. Ok so she's obsessed to her self. And ok she's a biatch... lol

    But still, its her blog and she can post anything she wants right? I mean, that's the purpose of a blog. To log what ever you have in mind.

    But then again, she ain't pretty for me. lol

    By the way! I have a new layout ^_^

    bubuhayin ko na dead journal ko! hehe

  7. -.-

    Wala akong pakelam kung sino siya. I posted to react on her posts, that's all. Lol!

  8. er calm down @.@
    btw.. you call Kuya Randy Oneechan? should it be.. Onisan?
    is he.. a girl? :P or you're making him look like a gay! hahaha :P (just kidding ;D)

  9. Nyahaha! I actually did that on purpose. It had a long history behind it. :P

  10. MY GAWD! I'm traumatized! People actually hate me!
    Why am I popular? How would I know?!

    Bwahahahaha... wala lang. Natawa lang ako sa sidebar niya...

    Di rin siya sobrang vain. O______O

  11. pambihira...ganun din eh... contradicting parin sinabi mo. Sabi mo ala kapakealam. Tapos You POSTED TO REACT on her posts. Wala ka pakealam nyan ha. Ang dami mosinabi tungkol sakanya pero ala ka pakealam. lolz

    Isn't it ironic? *hides*

  12. oh i hate that bitch too. i think she won some award like "best web blog 2004/2005" so she's popular. supposingly, she gets 8000 hits per day for her blog. she's from my country and i saw her face in the local newspaper many times.


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