Friday, May 13, 2005

Damn it! You got off the car first so I expect you to get to the college first. But know, you chatted with your friends. I let it slide since they are your friends. Instead, I waited for you upstairs. and guess what? I waited for ages in this damn hot weather. And when I finally got myself down to see what the fuck is taking you so damn long, I saw you playing Gungound at some damn internet cafe below?! Damn it! I could hardly breathe upstairs! You know I can't stay up to a place so freaking hot! I'll collapse! Damn it! Look at what you did! I'm throwing up again. This vomiting seems so endless for me! Damn it! Can't you be responsible enough? How could you call yourself a brother? Mom should call you useless more than she calls me. But to her, I'm more useless that you are. And this makes me feel pathetic.

Look here, and read well. Since I got to this hell of a place living my life with you, I promised myself that I WILL surpass everything you do. I mean everything! I'll show you that I'm better than you at every possible way! And you deserve to die more than I do! And guess what, I'm kind of doing well with it. The only bad side I got is when I failed a subject. But comparing to the fact that you failed more than I had, I kind of relieved.


  1. Whew...calm down...

    //But, yes, brothers suck! XD

  2. Hi Euri. It's me Tinze. ^^ I changed my LJ. Please add me, ne? I'll add you now. ^^

  3. you're really pissed...

    I saw you playing Gunbound at some...



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