Failed Domain Transfer: Behind the Story

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Since a lot had been asking and I don't have that time to reply one by one. I'll post what happend to Beyond Eternal - in details!

Once upon a time....

There came March, I went to my host and ask when will my domain contract expire. He said that it'll be on March 31. And since I was very much exited to tranfer hosting, I already paid Rem (my friend) my dues for the domain and site hosting for the next contract (April 2005 to 2006) to avoid problems. I already contacted my previews host that I wouldn't renew my hosting to his company anymore and he said yes. And so the transfer request was sent to my previews host. We had been waiting 2 weeks for his reply. When I couldn't wait any longer (yes, patience is not my virtue), I went to ask him and he said he deleted the transfer request thinking it was a spam! (Geez! Talk about pain in the ass!) He ask me to ask my new host to send the tranfer request again. My current host said, we'll be short of time. The only option is to ask him to change my domain's registered e-mail to my own instead of his. (Another problem we encountered. My domain should be registered under my name since I was the one who paid for it! Just in case, you might want to check your domains at as well.) I went o his office, they said he went out for a while. So I waited patiently for him for hours! 4 hours to be exact. And guess what, he didn't came back! I went home and get myself online. I saw his YIM online so I PMed himtelling him to change it. And he did. Then, I thought everything would go out well this time. But to my surprize, he locked my domain. I just found it out when my tranfer request failed. My new host even mailed me saying he locked that domain. I went, "WTF?! What the hell is this?! @#$*!..." and I tried to contact him for days, too bad, I couln't. When I finally saw him online by chance, I immediately asked him to unlock my domain. And again, he did. (He should, damn it!) And when we send the transfer request again, it was too late. For a domain to be tranfered, I should send the transferer request at least 10 days before it expires. And adly, it was just 3 days left when I finally asked him to unlocked it...

And I lived pissed off forever!


  1. SHIT HIM.

    *orders assassins to finish him off*

    Or better yet...

    *assassinates him herself*

  2. Euri talagang ganoon. When you have a domain. Yung domain name registration sa hoster mo yun. Pero dapat you have the right to access that. Sabi mo your friend lock/unlock it. (That is your job) actually. The domain registration will be the hoster, pero you also have the right to lock/unlock the domain too.

    hayyy sa wakas nakapagupdate na ako nang page namin ni philip hehe ^_^;; puro ata blue and ngayon :P

  3. Actually, he DID NOT even gave me that access. If only he did hindi naman aabos sa ganon yun eh. I will still have Beyond Eternal. I took every effort just to have that domain tranfered. I hardly slept waiting for him to get online, I didn't even had the time to make my project anymore. I almost failed!

    Yung domain name registration sa hoster mo yun.

    No, my friend, who also hosts says that it's supposed to be changed to the owner's name right after the registration completed.

  4. Actually, he DID NOT even gave me that access.
    alam ko. Yun ang pagkakamali nya.

    No, my friend, who also hosts says that it's supposed to be changed to the owner's name right after the registration completed.

    sige may aaminin ako sa iyo. Kasali ako sa webhosting nang kaibigan ko. Kaya ganyan kalaki ang "potterhands" at "Blessings" kasi nga blessing ni Lord nasama niya ako sa isang webhosting business online. So alam ko ang patakaran. You may "change your host name sa Cpanel mo" But it will never change. (except if YOU are the one who registered your domain at hindi yung host mo. Kung may sariling SERVER KA). Gets?


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