A Five Minute Conversation

Saturday, March 05, 2005

It was just a five minutes conversation. Still, I had the chance to talk to him through YIM just a while ago. He already left and said would be back after 30 minutes but I do not need to wait for him. We was mad at me and told me someone sent him a text message (SMS) using Chikka and told him that that certain person saw me with a guy. I was shocked to see I haven't gone out with any guy (besides friends) since we broke up. So what was that? Someone's stabbing me from my back again, I suppose. I was suppose to be angry about it but why am I happy? Is it because I found out that he still cares? Or at least I wanted to tell myself he does.

agnosticpilgrim said, I was stupid. And all other friends says I am. I guess I seem that way. But my heart says that I'm not. And I had convinced myself that I'm not. It's just that they don't understand. They don't know how I feel... I promised... and I would hold on to it.


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