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Thursday, January 27, 2005

From the news lately, there was another disease from chikens that humans could also adopt. And there seems to be quite few humans, maybe a handfull or less, who already had it. Then Bird's Flew came up to me because it's also came from chickens and humans could able to adopt them, when too much exposure to it. We might conclude evolution occoured here. Then a few moments later, SARS came up to me. SARS had several levels or degrees right? And so it evolves too. Whenever it evolves, it became more adoptive to mostly anything and more deadly too. So again, evolution occurs.

(The topic isn't evolution, by the way. Im just saying that disease evolves and could be adopted to almost anything vulnerable to it.)

What came up to me really after was "Where the heck did these diseases came from?!" So I started to take it one by one and started with the most popular and widespread disease ever, AIDS. So I started to ask? "Who the heck is dumb enough not to be satisfied with humans and decided to go fuck a monkey and to his luck, one with AIDS?!" Hey, that question went through scientific process! How? (1) AIDS came from monkeys. (2) AIDS could only be tranferred beween body fluids. e.g. Blood and Orgasm. Okay, so it's not that scientific but at least I took the time to think! If you could think of a better theory that this, you're much welcome to comment. :D And then, that made me laughing to myself for quite sometime until I remembered that before the SARS became widespread to China, the US bombed it. So I thought of, "Did the US created SARS and bombed China with it?" We could doubt that but since Bush is... well.. never mind, it's possible. And then I thought, there are more to things than what they seem. Diseases may come from one source. There might also be some secret agency that hybrids things genetically and Mutans might exists (yeah, X-men). So why did I arrived at the theory? Well, for a fact, there are genetically engineered vegetables and animals (chickens, rats, etc.) so there can also be a genetically modified human right? Although this is illegal, there might be. One can never say it can't happen. If you know the series Dark Angel, you would know what I mean. Yet, all thse were merely from my random thoughts.


  1. I have another speculation for the AIDS thingy though. Many years back, I watched a cartoon or a movie of some sort vaguely explaining the possibilities of human to monkey fluid transfers aside from.. er.. intercourse. It is possible that the zookeeper / someone fed the monkey with banana, then weirdly, the monkey threw it away and some desperate man tried saw it in the trash and tried to eat a few minerals left in that banana peeling.
    Then maybe the monkey drank water from a container, and one desperate man drank water from there as well.

    Or maybe a monkey licked its master, and then the master forgot to wash his hands and ate something.

    Sick.. but its possible.

  2. XP AIDS can't be tranfered just by just drinking from he same container. (At least I hard from Captain Planet -> Yeah, that carton. Lols! But I'm serious though.)

  3. Actually it can be transferred via saliva if the carrier has bleeding-manifestation sickness such as gingivitis. Or if a person happened to wound his mouth.

  4. Actually diseases do not evolve. It is the bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that cause them which does. The "fitter" their mutation is to the natural selection, the stronger they become.

  5. ^^ What was the name of the new chiken disease?

  6. Cloning is now possible. So I wouldn't be suprised about your hypothesis that there are some underground (most probably terrorristically inclined) organization exploiting humanity's recent advances in genetics. Pretty much like the Umbrella Corporation in the playstation game (and movie), Resident Evil (Biohazard in Japan).

  7. No idea. I am not updated with news and current affairs at the moment.

  8. Hey there, nice LJ userpic. ^_^ about the bird flu n SARS... well, my country used to be affected badly by it. the prices for chicken eggs shoots up during the bird flu! But hey, life goes on right?

  9. Hey, did you know that Human Fetus could actually rejuvinate a person. And that there are some rich people does those too.


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