Mind's Capacity

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Sometimes, I find myself lost and wondering through questions I knew will never be answered. Even if I had given my life for some demon that would give me incomparable knowledge as I could answer my own question, I know would still be lost and wondering for more. People's capacity to think is what astonish me more than anything. I read from a theory somewhere that the most intelligent person could possibly just used up 10% of his mind's capacity to think. If it were true, then a perfect person that could used up all the 100% of his mind capacity, could be invulnerable at most cases. Sometimes, I even thought that the Earth had existed before and was destroyed by people because of technologies beyond comprehension that resulted them to start all over again from stone. Now that our technologies are moving closer to it's peak, it mught come true again. And so history would repeat itself. But then again, not. Maybe I just watched too much sci-fi typed anime to think this way.


  1. That is why I love Philosophy. You can answer those questions by mere speculation.

    If you have some time, read Bertrand Russell's Philosophy for Layman.

    Wala lang ^^.

  2. tayong mga tao walang perfect :P
    tayong mga tao limitado lang ability natin
    mostly ang mga taong sobra sa katalinuhan eh napupunta sa
    mental hospital :P

  3. LOLs! But still, when you gain something from searching knowledge, that alone is worth it. :D

  4. I am not sure statistics will confirm that the most intelligent of us are more prone to insanity than the average ones.

    I have actually contemplated about the idea of your post before. Are we just in a cycle? Is this the nth time that the universe has formed? Are we the very reason why our planet had been destroyed countless times in the past only to find the big bang repeat everything, undergo the process of evolution and natural selection once again until homo sapiens finally emerge? Then this homo sapiens in turn will grow in knowledge and build technologies that will later be humanity's own undoing. After we destroy ourselves, the cycle repeats again.

    And yes, read Bertrand Russel's works. Russel's "The Theologian's Nightmare" for instance is available in positive atheism website.

  5. Hmm, it made me to think that way because of the actual so-called "alien" that was found some years before. What if that's just an evolution part of humans in the future or something. :)

  6. I doubt that's really an alien. But knowing how the CIA and the like has the propensity for extreme secrecy and security measures, I guess we can only hope to know about it sometime in the future.


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