Bandwidth Limit Exeeded

Saturday, November 27, 2004

My site was down again, so I resorted here for my journalizing. This time, it's a "Bandwith Limit Exceeded" thing. I wasn't really expecting that much visitors this month. I don't know maybe it's because people have nothing much to do since most school had just started a few weeks before. I had recived a lot of e-mails lately from ramdom people. I really need time to read all of them. More to that is I had tons of e-mail accounts. And because of that, I decided to trim down my e-mails.

We had our sportfest these past 3 days including today. I'm not a sporty type, so I just sat at some bench and just yell "Go! Black Scoprions Go!" and went around eating this and that, as usual. Btw, Khei was the champ in the badminton tournament! Congrats Khei! :D And what else, yeah, I lost my game - bowling. I don't play sports. :P People know that. It's just a matter of having representatives for that certain game. And besides, I was forced to join. I didn't even get myself listed on the try outs. I just found myself under the team's members automatically...


  1. hey euri,

    sometimes bandwidth reach might be good since it means there are many visitors that visits your site. ^_^ but it can be stressful especially if the site is down for quite some time... i hope you work things out.

    i have added u to my friend's list!

  2. That sucks. -___-; Bandwidth limit exceeded.

    *must kill direct linking and all the other stuff that makes that bandwidth exceed*

    I are random. XDDD

  3. dropped by to say Hi. :)

    Goth girl, I didn't see you online last night. I hope you are sleeping regularly.

  4. Yes, I agree. I was really glad and at the same time, sad for it. :P


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