The Pagans at Ancient Roman Period

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I just watched the movie King Arthur. The version of that story was based on history and is not like the original Arthurian Legends which is both fictional and mythical. I really don't get why Romans of the ancient times gets easily carried away with their beliefs which are mostly mislead... Remembered when my CF teacher told us a story when Christians were burned to death, crucified, fed to lions etc. by the Romans back then before their emperor, the one who introduced them to Christianity, sat to the throne (can't remember which emperor was that... So many names in the Bible to remember them all... :P). But there came a time, the Romans had fully accepted Christianity as their religion, and they tried to expand their empire through Britain (this was around 300 A.D. if my memory serves me right). Even though it's other way around, still, the same brutality was shown and even more inhuman than before. Pagans and non-believers were tortured and treated as slaves by Romans in their own land simply because they do not believe in the Christian God. As I watched the movie, I really felt pity for those British who were brutally whipped until they bathe in their own blood, tied up and jailed in deep dark dungeons without even a drop of water after the long and tiring day out on the hot field planting crops and serving a Bishop that orders their death after they had given their worth. Then I thought, what if I was living at that era? Would I survive even a day of that torture? Even if I would, I would probably be dead even before I reached the age of 10. Sometimes, when given so much power, we really get out of hand...

Btw, CF is Christian Formation. One of my subjects in high school. This is because my mom enrolled me at a Catholic University. Hey! Don't look at me like that! Even though I'm not a Christian, I still know a thing or two about Christianity and it's history. And since the words ANCIENT HISTORY is present, expect me to be attentive at the subject.


  1. Ah King Arthur! Nice. The events took place during the dark ages, the era when the Church ruled the world. The Inquisitions are examples of how dangerous it is to let blind faith instead of reason be one's moral guide.


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