Friday, May 07, 2004

Sometimes, there are people, though we just have known them for a little while, they've already taught us so many things and showed us a glimpse of what the world is to us, and after that, they just leave without any good reason. Even if we don’t want to, they still leave us alone in a dark room, weeping… and after that, another one will come, will wipe our eyes dry, will make us feel happy for a while, and after we've learned to love them, they will leave us again...

Whenever people say that, "Life is so Unfair" somehow, something inside me agrees. Why do we need to stand after we fall? Why do we need to meet a lot of people and after a while they will just leave us. Why do people just come into our lives and just leave us after we have grown to love them? Why do we need to smile after we cried so hard after they leave? Why do we tend to love someone to whom we knew at the very first time that that someone we love, loves someone else?


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