Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beyond Eternal 5th Anniversary

YESH! It's been 5 long years! Thank you loves, for all! =3

Take the Gift!

It doesn't have anything to do with the avatar (even though I know some of you want him). But...

I need your love and affections (comment there, please)!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

GaiaOnline Profile

(or in this case, Euri様)
20 something girl.
But stuck at the image of a 12 year old.
Lives in the busy streets of Makati City, Philippines.
Loves drinking tea and eating chips.
Fond of roses and fishes.
Collects different kind of stuff with skulls.
In love with Gackt and Yoshiki.
Prefers dark and manly colors like black, red, blue and brown.
Likes gothic, lolita and punk clothes.
(fave brands include: SEXPOT, Bodyline, h.NAOTO, Punk Rave and G.L.P Club)
Dislikes sunlight, summer and hot weather.
Hates sports and activities that requires too much body movements.
An accidental artist and a random blogger.

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Race: Vampire
Servant: Sanctus Kaine


I'm currently questing for a
Reve Rouille (Any) 
Any sort/amount of donations are welcome! ♥


400 something years old.
Noble class vampire.
Friendly and approachable.
Loves roses and tea.
Very particular with details.
Clean freak.
Hates dirty and smelly things.

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