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Will someone tell me why a god wouldn’t do something as simple as that to prevent the existence of infidels and thus human barbecues in hell? I mean, dude. - Martin 's post Dear God . You see, God is a great marketing strategist. Of course, because He is God. Since he created everything your eyes could see, everything your nose can smell, everything your ears could hear, everything your skin could feel and everything your hands would touch. To make it short, damn everything! And because he is such an omni-everything, thinking of a good marketing plan is as easy as kicking a lifeless stone lying around your path. And so he thought of a good plan to promote himself and he gave us this thing called "freedom." (I would like to emphasize the word "FREE.") This "freedom" gives us the ability to choose. We can choose weather to believe in Him or not. (I would like to point out that not believing doesn't mean denying.) But of course, like any other product

Dear Friend

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You know who you are. Look, I have nothing against you nor I have anything against Iglesia ni Cristo people. And frankly, I don't even give a damn about your religion. You don't understand me because you are born and raised as an INC and I suspect you would even die an INC. Since you were young, you were taught tirelessly by the people around you that God is good, God is the omni-everything in this world, and that when the world comes to and end, you would have an eternal bliss. You would not feel pain nor suffering. And God himself will welcome you with arms wide open to His kingdom in heaven. But, if you aren't one from those few chosen people, you would drown in the rain of fire, when the world comes to an end. You would cry endlessly in pains of burnt. All you would hear are the screaming voices of people in agony of the same fate you are facing. The blood the comes our of your cuts would never heal. You will witness your very body slowing rotting away as the worms eat

WFE 928

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My friend and ex-workmate Kuya Bobby's friend, Edge was hit and run by some bastard. (You can read the entire story here .) If in case you happen to know who owns the damn van, please kill them for me drop by and leave a note over there or something. Hitting and running, despite whatever reason the person may have, as you might've already known, is a crime. Please help us spread this so that the culprit would be caught. Thanks. -- Cross-posted @ Tainted Soul

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