Trick or Treat 2014!

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Hooray! Trick or Treat is back!

If you're not aware of what it is, to summarized it in general, this community is for sharing gifts to others in celebration of Halloween. You can go the community for more details about it.

Before everything else, this is my bucket for this year. If you wanted to leave me gifts for Halloween, leave it here. Please indulge me! LOL!

As most of you who knows me, this season is a super busy time for me. There's a lot going on and preparations to be made during this time. The priorities will always, of course, be my father's death anniversary, and the annual family graves visit for both my mother and father side, and the Halloween celebration. Since, you know, Halloween is something special for us darklings. It's a time where we get wild. Literally.

Since I failed to do so last year due to extremely busy schedule, I'll make them this year since I have more than a month to prepare.

I'll also make something special for those members of my love list and the communities I'm making at. These something specials are in addition to those that I'll be leaving in your buckets. But, you'll have to leave comments in particular posts so that I can keep them on track.

If you're a member of:
Please remember that these communities are members only, so you may not be see the posts when you're not a member or logged in into your LJ.


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