Busy, Busy.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I've been crazy busy the past month from tons of things. I've been jumping here and there at work, trying to catch up with work related things. And during the few free time I get, I'm composing and sending tons of apology emails for my site that's been down. As of this moment, it's been two months now and running. I got a message from my host that it'll be up "soon." I do not know when that "soon" is, but I hope it won't take me another 2 months of waiting.

I never really got the chance to send emails to my affiliates. I think they're starting to remove me from their affiliates already. Aside from that, so far, I have received confirmation that there have been 2 sites where I collect cyberstamps from, who have already removed me from their collector's lists. As for the pixel sites, since I'm a member of TSVP and I've pretty much active in LJ pixel community, I've mostly informed people about what's going on in my site. All that's left is waiting for it to come back up, hopefully, soon, somehow.


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