Happy Women's Day!

Saturday, March 08, 2014

It's International Women's Day, today. It's not like I actually have anything to say about Women's Day. I just thought I would post this cute adoption I got from Jenny's Grandchild a few years back.

 Adopted from Jenny's Grandchild

On to my real update: yes, my website isn't up yet. No feedback yet, so far. I've emailed some of my affiliates that I interact with often, earlier about my site's situation and I hope they wont remove me from their affiliates list. I've already done the same to the cyberstamp makers/creators that I have active collections to the previous days.

That aside, I've been happily updating my batcave, if you care to visit.  I bought myself paid memberships from Little Honeymoon. I got myself membership from the Members Area which gives me access to the pixel tubes, line arts, etc. and an Exclusive-ish Club membership. I splurged, I know.

It'll be my birthday soon, it'll be my birthday gift to myself.


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