Easter Baskets

Sunday, March 09, 2014

I've recently joined the Easter Baskets. It's an LJ community of gift giving to friends or random people who also joined the same community.

I'm actually new to this gift giving basket thing so I'm not so sure about how to describe it, but the idea is that you get to have a specific post in the community, "basket," where your friends or random people can leave you gifts. These gifts can be anything from graphics, videos, songs, poetry, etc. as long as they are not money. Initially, these gifts will be screen so you can see them. When Easter arrives, they will unscreen them and you will be able to see all your gifts.

I thought it was fun so I joined in! I'm pretty excited about it. I'm more excited about what to give people. I've always love giving random gifts to people because their reactions make me happy. I'll think of something to give everyone in the !2014 basket list.

If you're on LJ, please consider joining! I'll be fun!

Oh, and here is my Easter Basket in case you wanted to send me something. :3


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