Social Networking Rules the World!

Monday, September 30, 2013 by Euri 0 comment
Sa panahon ngayon, social networking rules the world! Oo! Kailangan lahat i-tweet at i-Instagram. Kapag may bagong damit, bagong sapatos, may birthday, may inuman! Pati pagkain, pagtulog, dapat may selfie! Pati yung tae mo sa toilet bowl dapat kukunan din ng picture para malaman namin kung anong size niya at kung gaano ito kabrown, at dapat nakalagay din sa caption kung gaano mo ito katagal iniri!

Fourth Avenue Cafe

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 by Euri 0 comment
Fourth Avenue Cafe by L'arc~en~Ciel 季節は穏やかに終りを告げたね 彩られた記憶に寄せて さよなら 愛をくれたあの人は この瞳に揺らめいていた The season has announced its end Dreaming at the colourful memories Oh goodbye! The one who has brought love along Appearing at the back of my eyes 途切れない気持ちなんて 初めから信じてなかった 移りゆく街並に取り残されたまま Don't believe right from the beginning There will be un-changeable love Lost in the view of the changing street 行き交うあの人々が今は 遠くに感じられて ざわめきさえ薄れては 溜め息に消えてしまう People who passes by Now has a distant feeling When the noisy people slowly pass by Disappear in a sound of sigh 空席に見つめられた 退屈な休日には 終わることなくあなたが流れ続けている Facing the empty chair During the boring holiday You have endlessly appear in the sea of mind 分かっていても気付かない振りして 溺れていたよいつでも 誰かのこと想ってる 横顔でも素敵だったから Although the heart understands but pretending not to know Actually I am sinking forever Sinking in someone's thought Even though it is only a face but still with the same beauty 季節は穏やかに終りを告げたね 彩られた記憶に寄せて さよなら 愛を

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