Ignorance or Stupidity?

Sunday, January 30, 2005

My bandwidth exeeded last night and my very kind host restored and added me 200 more MB. :) He said that it will go back to the original 1GB next month. Now I'm thinking of getting my plan upgraded on my next due that is on March. But then again I was also thinking of getting my site down for a couple of months... I will have to think of this really really hard for the moment.

Anyway, I was to post an yesterday but I was damned pissed off by some post in the group. I really don't know if that guy is just ignorant of things around him or is just plain stupid. He goes like telling, I love candies but hate sweet stuff. Now tell me this is of a normal person or someone who lost his sanity?


  1. Maybe he goes for the weirder kinds of candies.

    Like booger-flavored jelly beans, c/o Harry Potter? (forgot which book)

  2. Maybe he likes sour candies XD

    Ooh, I added you already!!!


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