Wednesday, February 26, 2014

To the Bat Cave!

Alright. While my web service provider is currently hibernating its service, I moved my collections temporarily to my "bat cave." More precisely,

And yes, it's a free web hosting service that I subscribed to just because I love the domain name.

I'm a Batman fan, ever since childhood. But I'm not the obsessive Batman fan type like other people who almost memorized every thing about Batman and quotes him almost every time they can. I just own a few comic books, sometimes claim to be Batman's wife in an alternate universe, and when I was an elementary school kid, I used to have a Batman bag and lunch box set, stationary set (I still buy Batman pencils until now), also slippers, shoes, hanckerchiefs like normal kids do. I even have a Batman grooming kit (the hair brush, comb, yada yada), a Batman toiletries set (toothbrush, soap case, yada yada), a Batman tableware set (plate, bowl, yada yada). I also have a Batman poster at my room, a Batman costume (that I never wore because it's "for boys"). And I've managed to keep all of these alive until we moved houses several times that it got lost somewhere. I'm only that kind of a fan. Not obsessive, just right.

So, please visit my collections because I've added tons of new things, especially blinkies. I kind of splurged. It's like shopping when you're stressed, but in smaller monetary value.

Beyond Eternal Is Down

Yes, you're reading that right. Beyond Eternal has been down since early this morning. The server on which my site is currently at, is having problems right now. I do not know when it will be up and they also can't give me a definite timeline for its up-time, as of current.

The server is co-owned by a bunch of close friends and being one of their close friends, and poor, I get the perks of free hosting in exchange for helping out in occasional advertising of their company on which I rarely (almost not at all, in fact) do. So I can't really complain. Well, I'm not really the "Pro Blogger" type and I only have a personal website that no one actually visits, and a small collection site, so I have not much to complain either way.

But, I don't know. Sometimes, I kinda getting a bit neurotic about it. The fact that there's a possibility that I might not be able to retrieve my stuff in their server drives me restless.

Please make it so that I'm wrong.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Afternoon Shower
by Suga Shikao

その日 午後から日暮れにかけて
そして ぼくらは海の近く

That afternoon a light sun-shower passed by
And we were near the ocean
We ran across the wet asphalt

つぶれた うすぐらい貸し倉庫のかげで
しばらく 空を見上げて雨をしのいだ

In the shadows of a dark beat down warehouse
We stared up and hid from the rain for a while

ふいに 君がくちずさむ ぼくはきいてる
もう 消えてしまうくらい ちいさな声で

You are humming to yourself, I am listening
I melody I never heard of
In such a soft voice almost fading
and soon disappearing

帰り 都内へ向かう道は

On the way home to the city
We were caught in a trafficjam
What we talked about together
You probably don't remember either

ラジオで 知らない人の悲しいニュースと
誰かの つまらないバラードが流れた

The radio played a sad news of some stranger
and someone's boring ballad

ふいに 君がくちずさむ ぼくの知らない歌
いつも 話しかけようとして 言葉を探すと

You are humming a song I don't know
It's helplessly flowing around
I try to say something and I search for the words
But they all fade away

ふいに 君がくちずさむ ぼくはきいている
メロディーは 覚えていない
そうして 失ってしまうもの 守りきれるもの

I don't remember the melody
that you were humming and I was listening to
The things we lose, the things we can protect
It's only a small difference

ふいに 君がくちずさむ ぼくはきいてる
もう 消えてしまうくらい ちいさな声で

You are humming to yourself, I am listening
I melody I never heard of
In such a soft voice almost fading
and soon disappearing

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Says my first ever sigtag from LJ. Though I left LJ ages ago, I still use it for communities and such, as most of you probably know already. One of these communities is candycoatedpxls that I recently joined. It's owned by Jaquelyn who also owns a pixel site of the same name, Candy Coated Pixels.

Isn't it cute? :3

Err... I'll use it. Though there are no winter in my country, I still like winter. And it's already cold here, not as cold as countries with winter, of course, but still cold anyways.

Also, I have more siggies here! I'm promoting my siggies collection because they're cute and fun to collect.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

LINE Stickers: Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of my all time favorite anime (next to Ghost in the Shell, of course).

The last 2 stickers I added in this set were from a different set of LINE stickers called "Demanding Stickers incl. Evangelion too!" there were only 2 Evangelion stickers there and the only ones I'm interested of the set so I just added them here.

There are more Evangelion stickers (Evangelion Vol.2) that I will post at a later date. So watch out for it! :D

Update: Evangelion Vol. 2 stickers are here!

  These stickers cannot be used in the LINE App itself. They're just merely PNG images. You can use them on your websites/blogs if you want.

You don't have to credit me when you use them, but if you want to, please link it back to me at: http://www.beyondeternal.comHere are my buttons, if you need them.

So, here are Eva's LINE sickers!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Hearts Day 2014!

Valentines Day is near! So, here's my giftie for you guys this year:

As usual, click to take. Please do not forget to link it back to me, though. If you wanted your name on the giftie, I'll be glad to make it for you. Please send me an email to request it.

(Credits: Vanilla Patch BCH)

This multipurpose giftie was designed to serve as a stamp, a double quilt and a giftie simply because I'm too lazy to create separate gifties. XD

Also, I will also be using siggies at the end of my post starting today, instead of just using them in emails.


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