Monday, June 30, 2014

Beyond Eternal, Down.

For the nth time, Beyond Eternal is down. I'm having a bit of a hosting problem and I don't know when I can have it back up. This being said, I also cannot receive emails. I suspect that the problem lies with my host's DNS thing again. I'm not quite sure what's wrong with Dreamhost again, but apparently they fuck up their DNS settings really often and it's getting annoying. 

I'm moving my domain somewhere else.

Monday, June 23, 2014

New Shoujo/Josei Smut List

New shoujo/josei smut on my reading list:
  1. Chokotto Love by Megumi Kei
  2. Ego by Masaki Kazuyoshi
  3. Taiyou to tsuki ni koishite by Natsuo Kou
  4. Ai no Kemono by Mitsurugi
  5. Gekkou Kitan by Sugimoto Farina
  6. Ishakoi by Hayashi Kumiko
  7. Mitsudan by Mizutani Kyoko
  8. Ningyohime by Okada Junko
  9. Ohoshisama no Iutoori by Suwa Ayako
  10. Sefure no Hinkaku by Minato Yoriko
  11. The Love Letter by Senkawa Natsumi
  12. The Red Shoes by Ikesumi Chieko
  13. Ai no Chigiri by Masaki Kazuyoshi
Thanks lethalene for posting!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Goth Soul

You Have

Goth Soul

You are complicated, and it would be oversimplifying to say you're obsessed with death. You are attracted to the darker side of life, but you're also deeply spiritual. You are curious with the world, and you're probably quite intellectual. You like to study obscure topics. You are likely quite introverted and quiet. You prefer your own world to the world around you.

Is Your Soul Hippie, Punk or Goth?

I wonder why? Heh.

(Again) House Targaryen

So. I took this quiz: Which Game Of Thrones House Do You Belong To?

Fire and blood! You are strong, wise, confident and bold. There's no denying that there's something special about you, which people are naturally drawn too. Like a dragon, you are beautiful and wise, but can also turn fierce when angered. Others should watch out!


I ended up in House Targaryen again. You can believe me when I say that I'm one of those fans who never wanted to belong to the Starks. I've always thought that I would probably be at home at the Targaryen House. I love the unpredictable ways of that family – the peace-loving, gentle and kind, yet at the same time cruel and cunning streaks. The mere idea of it excites me! ♥

And I LOVE dragons.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Sanza's character is my least favorite Stark kid. Probably because she's very passive and helpless and all she does is cry all the time.

But you know, she's not totally emotionally weak and dependent. Yes, she does cry all the time. But the fact that she was able to endure all those emotional tortures she experienced is something really commendable. Normal people wouldn't be able to grasp the pain she's gone through.

I really dig this new image of her. Gothic clothes really suits her. I love how it gives her a different aura unlike her young passive character. She looks more bad ass now.

I'm so waiting for whatever's to come.


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