Monday, May 28, 2007

What would Jesus do?

Well, he would be born and grow up rebuking religious leaders. And at the end of the Lenten season, he would be crucified and die. And on Easter, he would be resurrected and goes back to heaven to by by his father's side.

Such a sweet fairy tale. :)

Why are you an atheist?

Because there are never gods in the first place. Gods only existed because people wanted them to exist because they feel the need for their existence. People throughout history felt the need of someone who could always answer those questions that they can't find answers themselves. Thus, god was created to serve as an answer to everything. Eventually, they needed someone to serve as their guide. They used them as a justification for justice, morality and righteousness. They were served as a bunch of invisible friends who would always be there beside them. Someone they can trust wholeheartedly without complaining nor responding.

Monday, May 21, 2007


I think, there's something wrong with me.

For some reason, I now find hard core yaoi, disgusting. Shonen-ai, however, is fine. And reading yaoi and shonen-ai mangas doesn't give me the regular "ba-dump", "thump-thump" and "doki doki" anymore. I really find these odd and disturbing. I couldn't even sleep properly thinking of it.

I really think, that there is definitely SOMETHING wrong with me.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Wanted: KH Staff

There was an announcement at The Workforce boards for openings on Kawaii Heavens Staff. And quoting Se-chan:

We're in need of the following people:

Forum Moderators
- A frequent member of the forum
- Is sensible on posts, and responsible with it, especially when it concerns other members or those of higher authority
- Has not violated any major rule yet
- Willing to check forums on a near daily basis.

Please check with an admin which forums are available for moderation.

IRC Servers
- Frequents IRC
- Knows XDCC, TDCC, among others
- Is always online at a near daily basis

Please try to contact Kiatsu about this.

- Knows how to use photoshop, or any other advanced image editing program
- Willing to be trained
- Flexible to work on various important projects

Interested parties can try to get me (Se-chan) so I can check who's who.

If interested, please post at this thread with your requirements. Requirements can be found at the first post of the same thread.

PS: If applying for a forum moderator position, it is best to ask me since I am in charge of the forums. You can contact me by PM or hunt me at the IRC by I'm usually there from 8pm to 10pm (GMT +8) everyday.

(Cross-posted at Beyond Eternal)

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Horray! Horray! At long last, my domain is fixed. =3

That aside...

It's so freaking HOT!! I can't breathe properly. Seriously.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Host: musta
Host: may prob pa ung sa pglogin mo?
Euri: wla naman
Euri: pero yung site ko, ganun pa rin.
Euri: wlang nag bago.
Host: tagal na nyan ah

And you have the nerve to tell me that. Geez. You're the host, fix it.

Friday, May 4, 2007


I know, it's about time. So I signed up.

Here's mine:

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

MARS TV Series

MARS has a TV series adaption. I just found that out today. I happen to stumble upon this site by mistake and saw it. It's in Mandarin. Well I guess, since it's Taiwan based. I wanna watch this. I wanted the DVD copies. Maybe I'll go to my dad's favorite store sometime to look for it. I really love MARS! It's one of my favorite shoujo manga. I love the twist of the story. Much more with Rei and Sei's story. It's intriguingly dark. BUT, why is it that the main stars have to be Vic Chou and Barbie Xu (both from Meteor Garden)? In my opinion (hey, don't kill me, it's only my opinion), they really don't look good together.

Well, heck. I still want it though.

PS: I'm looking of the manga title Lavender (TV series) was based on. Anyone know of it?

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