Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Diary

I found her diary underneath a tree.
and started reading about me
The words she's written took me by surprise
you'd never read them in her eyes.
They said that she had found the love she waited for.
Wouldn't you know it, she wouldn't show it.

When she confronted with the writing there,
simply pretended not to care.
I passed it off as just in keeping with
her total disconcerting air
and though she tried to hide
the love that she denied,
wouldn't you know it, she wouldn't show it.

And as I go through my life, I will give to her my wife
all the sweet things that I can find.

I found her diary underneath a tree.
and started reading about me.
The words began stick and tears to flow.
Her meaning now was clear to see.
The love she'd waited for was someone else not me
Wouldn't you know it, she wouldn't show it.

And as I go through my life, I will wish for her his wife
All the sweet things that she can find.
All the sweet things they can find.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Da Vinci Code

I read somewhere but can't remember where...

"Da Vinci Code is a hoax! Discovery Channel said it!"

Pfft! People honestly thought Da Vinci Code is real? I'll die from laughing. The author himself said that it's a fiction. Therefore, it's a fiction. Period. For how many freaking times does it need to be said for people's brains to comprehend such a simple sentence? Oh, I forgot. People are stubborn. They only hear what they wanted to hear and believe what they wanted to believe. And when someone doesn't have the same point of view as they see it fit, their initial reaction is rejection. And that makes humans, "humans".

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Compliment

Someone from work whom I dare not mention the name, told me that I code fast. Maybe I just think too much, but even though it might be a compliment, the way he said it sounded more like an insult. So I took it an insult. Honestly, insulting me wont do him any good. Since I was a child, I've been insulted for countless times. Not to mention the never ending comparison with other people's child. So I just ignored it, not saying a thing. Then, I got even lots more unwanted comments following it. Yet, I continue to ignore because reacting is pointless. I'm not sure if he's trying to get into my nerves or whatever, but it doesn't really work. How about trying another tactic? It's a good thing I'm not conceited enough to think that he wants my attention, for some reason. When he finally asked something, I replied straightly and got a "ang sunget" comment right after. Should I react more net time?

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