Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Layout Images Not Showing

Okay, I know. My layout images aren't showing. My host had their entire servers reset and asking people to sign up again. This is due to immense server system upgrades and to get rid of unused subdomains as well. They e-mailed me so I won't go around complaining about this and to add, they are realy great to offer 1 Gig of free bandwidth for everyone so one complains. ;) Bare with it. I'm into fixing it as soon as I find time. Jane~

Friday, January 13, 2006

Mixed Feelings

I'm a having a mixed feeling with my work. A part of me enjoyes it much like someone who is pursuing his dream and shaping it to reality. Yet somehow, a part of me holds me back and wanted to just ran away and hide. I feel so annoyed whenever the idea of having no purpose in life glides my thought. I feel so stupid to even think I ever did have one.

It's not because I'm having a hard time adjusting. Yes, I do admit, I do. Working with people I hardly know, really is a big adjustment on my part. Much more, when I am used to working with a few people I just picked out to work with. It's not their attitude that makes me feel this way either. Taking them on an average day to day work, they are fun and enjoyable. There is nothing wrong with them or what they do. I always knew it was me all along. Me and my damn forsaken attitude. I always see a perfect picture in them - without me.

I feel so unpredictable, I feel so disorganized. I feel so frightened, I feel hopeless. I feel so annoyed with myself. I don't know what to feel. And I feel terrible.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Beautiful New Year!

OMG! After 6 months of not posting anything other than some random uselessness, she blogged! And it's all because of some stupid new year's resolution of blogging to Tabulas this year. Slash that idea - it's preposterous! She just lost sanity for losing her Gackt MP3s that she spent so half a year roaming around the net and downloading. A cruel life one could attiain for the beginning of a supposed to be bountiful, beautiful new year, isn't it?

Glancing at that AmiboshiXSuboshi poster haning on her desk, her body starts to warm giving life to her cold dead hands to once again type and steering the wheels of her rusted brain. Ahh..! It's been a long long while since she last tried to post anything of use. And as if what she's typing is somehow useful! Tabulas filled her need for the wonder of crossposting to several blogs so she decided to use Tabulas strongly for her blogging, ranting, randomness, Yaoiness/Yuriness and so the craps goes on to almost uncountable.

Now, she feels that she needs to stop this randomness before she lose more sanity. She has a few more left of it since thesis and she haven't recovered to full yet.

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