Tuesday, July 26, 2005

SONA 2005

I'm lazy to do cross-posting. Just read it here: http://www.beyondeternal.com/?p=135

Friday, July 22, 2005

If You Only Knew...

If you only knew how hard it is to live and drive yourself to go on with your life without any known purpose of why you should. But even so, living without a purpose is better than merely living for a narcistic and unlawful deity, whom you credit all the great things you've done where in fact, you were the one who did it in the first place and He just watched; and damn the ever so evil antagonist deity that He, Himself created and casted out from Heaven to make him look more like a protagonist in the battle of "good and evil" where good always wins.

If you only knew how hard Atheist strives to live equally in a country where everyone thinks of them as people who "doesn't think", "heartless", "demons", "manifestations of evil", "Satan-possessed" and so the list goes on...; and the pain of everyone you love leaving you only for the petty reason that they think you are "Satan-Manifested" just for not believing, haunts you each night.

If you only knew how hard it is to keep unbelieving when everything seems to turn away from you because of it.

If you only knew the great pain, you might have not survived.

Atheism is not a trend. Do not claim you are an Atheist when you do not even know what it is. Don't you even dare think, that when you are an Atheist, you are already considered as "cool." What kind of childish reasoning is that?

If you want to know what it is, then sorry. I am not the right person to do massive explaining. Aside from the fact that Patience is not my virtue, I am incapable as well. And just so because I am kind enough to help, I will recommend my dear friend Atheist-Seeker. Read his blog. You might find what you're looking for there. :)

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Beauty and Madness

I'm so sick and tired hearing Beauty and Madness. Okay, the song is nice but please, could you people play it at least just once a day?! I'm hearing it again as I type this. And I heard it for more than 15 times already!! *faints*

Thursday, July 7, 2005

What's Going on Inside

Slowly she drags the mouse close as she browses the silver laptop laid in front of her. He glanced through his notes trying to remember them for the comming quiz. She asked him to close and lock the door. And he asked why. She didn't say a word but smiled.


She: Where's your Windows Media Player
Moi: There.
She: Thanks.
He: What's that?! Porn?!
She: Shh...!!
Moi: It's just hentai, for goodness sake.
She: Hehe!
Moi: You're watching that again? Aren't you tired of that same of series?
She: I have no other options, do I?
Moi: I'll put more when I'm not lazy to.
She: Okay.
He: Let's watch it.
Moi: She always does.
She: Lol!
Moi: *reviewing*
BGM: Ah... stop... ah... don't...
He: It's too loud.
Moi: *ignore. still reviewing*
He: What's that?! What's he doing?
Moi: Geez! Just watch! You don't watch porn?
Him: Nope.
Moi: O.O Yeah right! You're a guy!
He: Why do you have to ask?
Moi: -.-
She: Keep it down. We'll get caught.
Moi: *sigh*
She: *watches*
He: *watches*
BGM: Ah... ah... ah... ah...
*knock knock*
She: O.O Someone's outside!
He: Close it, fast!
Me: -.-
Someone: Uhm, sorry. I just need to get something...
He: Sure!
*Someone left*
She: *clicks play button*
BGM: Ah... ah... ah... ah...
Moi: *reviewing*
She: ...
He: ...
BGM: Ah... ah... ah... ah...
Moi: I'm leaving.
She: Wait, let me finish.
Moi: Okay.
*movie clip was done*
Moi *left the room*
Someone: How did the discussion go?
Moi: What discussion?
Someone: You know... about...
Moi: Oh.. Nothing much. All they did was watch Hentai.
Somebody: Those two... *smiles*
Someone: *laughs*
Moi: *sigh*
*dean approaches*
Dean: How did the seminar go?
Moi: I didn't join.
Dean: You're not an officer?
Moi: No. (Even if I am. Shh...)
Dean: Oh, okay. Where are those two.
Moi: At the office.
Dean: Okay, thanks.
*dean knocks the office door*



Haha! Imagine how messy things went up inside the office when dean knocked the door!! Nyahaha!!

Moral Lesson: NEVER watch porn/hentai movies/clips etc. inside school premises.

Sunday, July 3, 2005

Claimed Another LJ

I claimed nvrexisted to keep anyone from using it. Lol! I was thinking of moving there at first, but when I found out that I have to import one entry after another manually, I thought twice. You could add me on that account if you like. I'll add you back. Just tell me you added me or else, I wouldn't take the effort on logging in that account. *lol*

Friday, July 1, 2005


I got an OpenID too! Credit goes to inggo for teaching me how to register my domain to it. :)

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