My hands hurt!

Monday, May 23, 2005

My right hand hurt! It's because of the freaking checks I have to finish tonight! Imagine youself issuing 19 checks all at once and later on, make a report out of it in hand. And guess what, I have to make a duplicate of that report also in hand. It's because my freaking printer ran out of ink! If it didn't I could've just typed that report and print it. I could even provide more than 5 duplicates, if they want to! Too bad, hindi marunong makisama ang printer ko! :'(


  1. Poor hand. XD

    Well, imagine yourself writing 60 questions with 4 answers each. That's what I did yesterday XD

  2. Nyahahaha...XD

    Get well soon, Euri's hand. :D

  3. just passing by

    i dropped by to say hi. stay weird, girl!



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